Monday, 25 June 2012

Mr Noir

Last night we were walking our dogs, as usual. Suddenly out of the blue appeared little perky black gentleman who wanted to join the team. A Dachshund mix. After about 30 minutes of playing it was clear that something is missing - the owner.

It was late, it was time to go home and little fella was still playing with us, ready to follow wherever we decide to go.

Sigh... You know that moment when you do realise that you simply MUST make a decision.

Well, it was easy. I called the little fella. In response he jumped on my lap and licked my face (in case I hadn't already noticed how nice boy he is). I attached the dog lead to his collar - sure, right, are we going home?

So, yes, we went home - our two and this little fella. Our dogs were ecstatic - nice playmate to be taken home - Woo Hoo!

Last night he spent trying out ALL the toys of our dogs. Ecstatic. He tried all the beds and settled for the night with the child. He was the first one to bark when neighbours walked past our doors. He settled in. Right from the doorstep.

This morning he refused the dog breakfast. These little boring bits in the bowl... Yeah, probably there are some miserable dogs who eat such stuff, but no, thank you.

Our breakfast was something completely different. As soon the fridge door was opened, one black head was in it to check out what he would like to have for breakfast. (Cruel me - dog biscuits or nothing. )

Then we went to the vets in hope that he will have a microchip. No. Microchip is absent. No names or numbers on his collar either. But the dog can tell a lot about himself and his owners. He was acting perfect at the vets. Friendly, happy, intrigued but not frightened at all.

Vet removed a thick. A nervous teckel with some attitude problems would create a drama. This fella just sat there - polite and friendly, and vet got a proper kiss as well after the procedure. According to vet, this little one is no older than 2 years, probably 12 - 18 months, not spayed, very healthy and one lucky boy.

Last night I left messages already on our dog-missing sites, and today I left an information in all city shelters and major vet clinics. I really do hope that he will find the way back to his owner very soon because there is definitely somebody who is crying for him. If not, he will go to shelter. In hope to find a new owner. I can't keep him, of course. But until then:  Mr. Noir, s'il vous plaît!

It is still raining cats and dogs outside so I will try to arrange all my current projects in line:
to complete the bag for the picknick blanket,
make the pillows,
re-arrange one red linen summer dress which is a tad bit too big for me around the top. Three little jobs and a strange dog... not much for the day, isn't it? LOL

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