Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Quilt in progress and a hole in my head

While many are busy with Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations or dreams about weddings I quietly carry on with my quilt.Putting bits and  pieces together always is the best fun for me, especially when I make something like this one - so far I have just a slight idea how the final product will look.
So I'm curious and excited. I'm not a fan of well planned works and hate following instructions. I start the job and just follow where it takes me. Keeps things more exciting for me as I never know exactly what the final product will look. I need some fun before the quilting part starts which is like a torture for me.

About other things... It' s crow baby season when they start flying out. This morning around our house 3 babies were hanging around - none was able to fly properly. As we have quite large cat population, this evening only one was seen around. Well, it's getting dark. Crows are hanging around, protecting their baby, but they do not see in dark, so this night baby would not survive - cats hunt well in dark. So I took the baby and tried to put higher in the tree. Wuff! And a big OUCH from me! One of crows attacked my head and I must admit - it hurts. Baby is now safe back on the tree but I have quite painful hole in my head, bleeding. And even worse... The antiseptic... Usually I use something simple as hydrogen peroxide... But in my hair? :D The purple spray? The same effect - I would look fabulous with purple hair. So the only choice was spirit. I have no spirit at home, nor vodka. Only toilet water. So I did used that. Can you imagine the smell? :D That's  the price to pay for being good.  :D


  1. the thought of you climming the tree and being bombed by crows made me laugh... sorry Love your quilt xx

  2. Yeah, it was some sight. Especially because I'm 50+ with quite a big girl's dimensions :D