Friday, 1 June 2012

Quilting contemplations

Unexpectedly (weather is still terribly cold) I finished the second block last night, and find out that my math was wrong (surprise! :D ) - I have material left over to make another block. Which means that I can make one really large blanket or two just normal size ones.

So far so good... But I'm getting closer to the moment when piecing will be over and the hard bit will start - the quilting. Did I mention that I hate it? I'm looking with such envy to every long arm machine right now... But as usual - out of budget and out of space to be realistic so it will be my old chubby Singer who will be doing the job.

So now I'm thinking about technical side of quilting smaller blocks and then putting the final blanket together which would mean only a bit of quilting on a full size piece. It can't be that complicated! Or it is?

Anyway, I have decided to try my idea out. It's  not that I'm making something for the show. Or something that did cost me an arm and leg. Nor that somebody really needs this blanket. If I will fail... well, dog will have quitea  choice of blankets :D (I'm sure she will not mind!)

If you have better ideas, you are very welcome!

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