Saturday, 16 June 2012

Voting fun

So yesterday I entered my blanket for Internet voting, and it is doing surprisingly well. It feels really good as I hadn't been doing anything creative for years, many many years, and now I have my mind so tangled that I can't see what I'm doing. When strangers press the button and vote for mine (and no, I had not asked all my relatives vote for it :D ) for me it is like big pat on shoulder. 
I was considering about adding applique of a big, bright red dragoon on it and other options and then decided to leave everything how it is right now without any attachments.
One is clear - I really like the creation, whatever materials or techniques are used, so it is unstoppable now. I have no idea on what I will stop at the end, but my dream is to open an etsy shop and try to make my creations sellable. A dream, just a dream, but it would be great. (Everybody must have at least some dreams).
Until then I must learn so much - so many new materials and new techniques to try out and learn.

On the other note - being cheap makes life so much more fun when learning and trying. Yesterday I raided the charity shop in a big way - 25 shirts were purchased. These are only some of them - look great, isn't it? I really think that quilts started to use every last bits of material when they had value. Now so many materials are thrown away that could be recycled. At least these shirts will have second life. Recycling also keeps my not so thick purse happy - shirts are for 25 cents each and gives me about a square yard of material each. Nice, isn't it?

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  1. you are so right ... we all need a dream, now you just need to work on making it a reality xx