Friday, 29 June 2012

What colours for the dress?

I was searching for suitable summer dress all spring. I had two strong requirements. It must be some kind of natural fiber - cotton, linen, whatever, no viscose or other synthetic materials. The second - my size and age must fit to the style of the dress. No strapless. Nothing really short. And nothing too girlish with little flowers.

Do you think I did find one? Nope. There were hundreds of dresses, even maxi dresses, but all had at least something wrong.

Linen is a bit complicated to sew because seams must be done very strongly so material will not rip apart after few days (no simple zigzag technics), but that's the only bad thing about the material. Colour is nice - quite dark and bold. And design feels very comfortable, indeed. I loved, I really, really loved making this dress.

But then I started think what to wear with it, and now my hapiness is gone LOL... Wardrobe woes!

 It's dark red. What I already have? A bright orange silk vintage jacket... would really cheer the dark red. A matching silk equestrian scarf, the same dark red as the dress with blue edges and yellowish golden beige for the carriage wheel in the centre.

Accessories? Dark blue shoes, bangle and earrings... Looks like all must match but I'm not really happy.

Picking up a dark blue jacket - all looks so dark...Orange shoes - well, I'm picky about my shoes so I would not shop online...
Then there is a possibility to combine beige pashmina wrap and straw hat, decorated with that silk scarf. Again, not exactly right combination...

I also have open toe sandals, exactly the same colour as dress, but then  I have problem with earrings and some kind of bracelet....And the main problem - the handbag. What type? What colour?
Do YOU have any idea how to better accessorize this dress?  I really would like to see your ideas.


  1. oh dear! I think maybe you are THINKING about this TOOO much! Just relax and go with the moment xx lol x

  2. Och, Diane, THINKING is one of my worst habits, you know. Usually I do think about different things thus thinking about the dress is fairly new to me and quite painful LOL I'm a girl in jeans 99% but sometimes - once in a decade or so I try to remind myself that there are different pieces of clothiung as well on this Earth (and in my wardrobe as well BTW)... Damn, I needed to stick with jeans....