Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Today among other projets like putting together a large warderobe, moving sofas and other such activities beyond the sewing machine, I stared new page about Baltic ornaments, symbols and their meaning. Always wanted to do but never had enough time as it is fairly large project.
Our ancestors, creating a new pattern always put some meaning in it. Well wishes, good luck, strenght and protection and such things. For example, this one ornamental block on the left is mine, created by computer programm, based on my birthdate. It has no meaning for you but I will definitely use it one way or another. Funny actually, but it fits me.Vertical centre is about masculine power in my life which is fairly right, and also, as it  hasn 't completely closed center part on the horisontal line, it says that I'm not very well balanced with my feminity which also is right.

Even if you do not believe in anything, putting together a meaningful pattern is worth it as our thoughts we put in our creations, do carry some energy. This the reason why I do not value much things produced by factories as they do not have such a value in them, rather opposite as they are made without any thought about who will use the said thing.

Yes, there are beautiful printed cards, made by fantastic artist, but one like this will be valued much higher by me simply because one little heart did put all her love in this one to say "Mum, I love you so much!"

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