Monday, 25 June 2012

Updates on Mr Noir

There are good news and bad news.

The good - his owner is searching for him which is great. He had called today to one of radio stations which accepts "dog calls". He also left his phone number.

The only bad thing right now - the phone is switched off and not responding. Now radio station is calling for him to respond. LOL

And we made a big mistake. His real name is not Mr. Noir. His real name is Mr Gray ! 

So hopefully Mr.Gray will soon be in his owner's arms.
Gray just recently lost his owner. Yesterday, during all the funeral preparations he escaped to, most likely, search for his owner ho did not returned from hospital. Her son was devastated - it's mother's dog who he has promised to look after with all his heart.  And now dog is lost!

He was searching for the dog this morning before the funeral, and now hos phone is off because of that. One of his friends just called to explain the situation.

So... yes, there are bad news and good news, going all hand in hand.

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