Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Happy end

So, Mr Noir's little holidays are over.  Here he is, waiting to meet his owner. And me, hoping that it will be his owner, that the search is over.

And then... then...

yes, the owner appeared and Mr.Noir aka Gray convinced me that it really is his owner.
There were no doubts for me.

Overall happiness!

So this is a happy end. And you know what - we already miss him. LOL He was such a good dog to be with. To play with. Very nice fella. I hope that he is really happy now and does not miss us at all.

So off they went... Two happy boys together. Gray even looked back which we really appreciate. Thank you, Gray, for a nice company!

So the happy end is a happy end and now I can concentrate back on my projects. I hope to complete two of current ones today and then start working on the pillows. Today thunderstorms are promised again so it's perfect time for some sewing.

Sometimes I wonder am I really so lazy in comparison with many other quilting bloggers who manage to complete a new project nearly every day?

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