Thursday, 31 May 2012

Doing good feels good :)

I haven't finished the second block of the quilt thus nothing to report, I will tell about what I did last night.
I have a dog  (thus the name of the blog). Quite a large one - it weights nearly 70 kg. Such dogs are good as blood donors, because of the amount of blood that can be taken in one hit.

Once our dog friend needed the blood, we volunteered, and all went well. Last night we got a call from vet clinic again - can we? Sure, we can!
Clinic sent their car. As soon as my dog spotted the car,  she was right at the boot door - open, open, we must rush! Door opens, the dog is in in one leap. At the clinic the same - as boot opens, dog in one jump out and right to the doors (well, it's vet clinic! The dog has been there just 3 months ago and she had injections!). As I open the doors, dog is in and goes right to the weights. After weight is taken, she rushes right to the door where blood was taken the last time - that convinced me that it is not just a good behaviour, that she definitely remembers and wants to be here for the job.

Usually my dog wants to say hello to everybody, cats included, and I must convince her that clinic is not the place to have a party. This time she did not looked at anybody. Ver-r-r-y businesslike.

She jumped on the table, without any discussions laid down and voila - both front paws ready for needles. She did not bat an eyelid during the whole process - two needles in front legs and two in her back with IV (fluid and vitamins). I did not needed to hold her or anything during the whole procedure - she was patiently laying until vets gave her a go. Then she carefully jumped off the table, looked at the poor dog next room (damaged spleen) and off she went, out the door and right to the same car for the trip back home.

Sometimes dogs behave like a goofy baby, sometimes - like a complete idiots, but last night my girl was into doing good. Into helping. Next to her in the same room was laying the poor dog who needed the blood - in coma, whining badly, and my dog understood. She really did understood. At the moments like this - well, that's when you really love your dog.

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