Sunday, 15 July 2012

And the winners are...

It is time to announce the winners. As there were only 6 competitors, I was close to divide the lot for all 6, but then... It would be not so much fun, isn’t it? So I used the hat method, and my young lady were picking up the 3 names - very old fashion way.
So... The winners of my first giveaway are:
Linda in Arkansas, Ann Babilis and Jennifer (TX)
Please contact me with the address were you want the cards to be sent. 

Congratulations, ladies!

My hands are itching to go back to sewing machine but I do not expect it happening earlier than next month. Until then I will probably fill a post after a post with different family treasures, hoping to keep myself in line with arts and crafts, without too many sidesteps. I had such a well designed plans for these summer months but life is life, it hits hard sometimes and reality changes all the plans. So please bear with my waffling until I will be able to return to my sewing machine and its friends. 

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