Sunday, 22 July 2012

Arms in progress

I can't say that I have done much since last post. But what I really wanted, I managed. Wiring is in, and only two needles broken! Yay! He will be able stand by himself, sit, move hands and legs! Exactly what I was looking for!

Now I have started working on hands - that will be easy - tiny little job because fingers will not have wiring - I'm not SO keen LOL
 This poor little fella is taking everything on him - all my after-funeral mess what's in my head. I just push that needle in again and again, again and again... It's not even real grieving, it's more like frustration, even some anger and all that right now. But its summer so everything is easier when Sun is shining with full force. Even tornadoes look sweet! LOL
Seriously! Yesterday we had few here. If you imagine these big, scary ones who are ripping everything apart on their way then look at this one!

When I saw this video, all our romantic folk songs came to mind - about God's daughters spinning the gold and things like that LOL Neat little tornado, for fairy tales only. 
Strawberry season is nearly over here and now I'm looking for the mushroom season to start. Chanterelles already are all over the place but I'm waiting for boletes. Bolete hunting is my favourite, then I'm ready spent all day walking in woods :D

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