Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Positive side of learning...

... it saves money! LOL Yesterday my first felting attempt did cost me 7 needles. I was really started to think that needle felting can become quite an expensive hobby. Today I continued. I tried again. And you know - no needles were broken. From 7 to zero - it's a good learning speed.

Today I decided to try a doll. And I managed to make a basic head. Hair and all that I will add later, tomorrow I will try hands. Now my only problem is - how to incorporate some wiring in arms without breaking needles again.

People do that. I saw on etsy felted dolls with wiring inside. So I just need to figure this trick out. I'm actually quite excited right now.

Learning something new always is such a fun. And I see my progress. Today's head is better than yesterday's Ruffy - better plastic, better details.

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  1. Hi Ann, your comment on my SKOW quilt came through as a 'no reply' for some reason so I thought I would visit... what an interesting blog and I just love your new felting creations... so very clever...