Friday, 13 July 2012

I have new camera, yay!!!!

Today I bought a new camera. My old one hit the ground few months ago and since then I was using my son's Sony. Sorry, Sony, I hated it - the only good thing I was able to say about it was the compact size.

I need optical zoom. Nothing extra, just a proper zoom, good auto mode and bearable outcome. I had long thoughts about what I want and what I can afford. I'm not a prof, so no point to buy a really good one because I simply can not afford a good camera plus good lenses equal to the cost of the good car. LOL
So I stopped on Nikon Coolpix L310. And today I got it.

Well, what I can say after the first day together - I like it a lot. It has easy zoom design, and very well program management - really easy to switch from one mode to another. It is so easy that I decided play first and read manual tonight - I haven't touched it yet.

The outcome is bearable for digital camera even in my hands and it's lighter than my previous camera which was similar to this.

Moss on the roof (zoom)

What I do not like - the battery lid - I'm sure it will break the first. And the original Nikon bag which comes with the camera is just a dangerous joke. It's better not to use it at all. Other than that - it is just great value for the price right now, IMHO.

Another zoom (actually I tried to take picture of a flower when this bee decided to join the party)

More zoom (Lupins)

I just played with different modes and light
...and colours
It was getting late so light gradually disappeared, and quality also went down, but noise is minimal.
I'm really really happy - one dog walk was enough to play and realise that.

For tomorrow I have planned to peek into my granny's dowry chest, and with the new camera it will be fun to share some treasures.


  1. A good investment. I'm looking forward to the treasure chest posts.

  2. New cameras are always fun and you've taken some great photos!

  3. Thank you!

    Joyful, of course, lense is... well, you know and all that, but for just snapping like I do, itš OK. It's the second day, and I still did not felt the need to read the manual which means it is very easy to use (I'm not technically advanced :D )