Saturday, 28 July 2012


The last few day we do have the real summer. I would even say - a tad bit too much of a summer. At the end of June I was still wrapping myself in leather jacket but today it's +33 C !

According to heat index, it's +40 C outside right now. I need to keep away from computer as I do not want the drips from my nose to overflow the keyboard. Today I probably would listen a story or two about global warming. LOL

So for today out of the drawer I decided to pick up two woolen blankets, weaven by my grand grandmother so they are at leas 120 years old.

Such will fit well for this nice summertime! LOL

Both are very similar and absolutely traditional. One has the gray backgrund with purple stripes - other is black with green.

As you can see, the purple one is well worn - I remember granny  using them still when I was a child.

There would be no point to show things done by some ancient members of the family if there would be no link for today. And there is - my youngest just finished her first traditional belt. Very simple one and not perfect but it was her first and she finished it.  Its nearly 3 m long and will fit perfect for her national costume.

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  1. I have enjoyed seeing those woven blankets and the woven belt looks great too...