Monday, 16 July 2012

Tales of the past 4

Let's go a bit private today. Two bodices out of my grand granma's drawer. This one especially surprised me. After the close checkup I can say with full responsibility - it's all handmade.

 I can't imagine myself achieving something like that just for a bit of lingerie to wear... When I imagine hours spent over it... Well, but on the other hand, they didn't have the telly then. Nor Internet. LOL

But - seriously... The value of things has changed so much! When you buy a bra at the local shop, you would never imagine your grand granddaughter washing it... You know that bra will last several month to be thrown out to get the next.

So, here are bodices. And here is the lady, who made them and wore them. Maybe even under this outfit.

This photo was made in 1902 and survived all these years along with her sewing machine and few other things.

Ann Beitan.  My grand grandmother.

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  1. such beautiful work.. not always apreciated for the hours of work involved xx