Monday, 30 July 2012

The green shades of rain

Yesterday's heat ended with a storm - gusty winds, hail and some lost rooftops. Sadly it took also two lives - a child was hit by a roof slab and an elderly lady - by a branch. In our Zoo large block of cages with  4 squirrels, some rabbits and Guinea pigs were lifted in air and then tipped over.
Today the storm was followed by 40 mm of rain, leaving city in a mess with overflooded streets and hopeless traffic jams. But also -all is so fresh and green again!

All who survived will face bright and clean morning tomorrow. It made me think. How many storms I'm ready to take to wake up in a bright, fresh morning. How many loses are worth the new, bright awakening? And the most important question - after so many storms... will it be really still the same myself who will face the new morning?

When the storm sweeps away so much, when the rain washes away nearly everything ... and when it happens again and again, looking for that morning becomes like living through a fairytale never to be told...

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