Tuesday, 17 July 2012

First felting attempt

The past weeks were quite busy and my sewing machine right now is covered in different crap waiting to be sorted out. So right now I simply can't sit down and sew again. But I really needed to do something. By some reason making things always helps to sort out thoughts. My knitting needles are packed away as well... What to do?

Yesterday I went out and bought some felting needles. I never tried but always wanted to try out what it is. So last night I tried. Then tried until 3 am LOL Then today I spent few more hours and now I'm sure that I will invest in few more things for felting. It's fun (OK, not so when you hit the fingers).
OK, I'm not really happy with my first attempt (it would be weird to be) but I will not strangle my little Ruffy I.

The only problem I must sort out right now - how many needles is normal to break? Until I finished this one, 7 (SEVEN!) needles broke. Only 2 of them I can write off because of rushing. The rest went at the last stages when creature become harder. Will try to find the answers because something I'm doing wrong. But all in all - it's such a fun!.

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