Saturday, 14 July 2012

Tales of the past 2

Well, now is time to peek into my grand grandmother's bag. Many things had been lost or simply worn out, but some things had survived.

 Simple crochet, the top for the pillowcase.
Close up.

The decorative towel.

My Grand grandma was half German so she really prefered more international , city stile pieces instead of traditional work. Thus the results :D
She become the second wife of quite a big farmer - he was raising horses for Russian army. But it was not an easy life...

She was 16 when she married while he was 54 and her stepchildren were twice older than she.  But she survived and managed quite well - she died 1957 at 89.

My granny was her only child before she widowed at 24.

She never married again and managed the farm alone through WWI and left to city only in 1945 when farm was taken over by Soviets.

She was proud and never went back there  to see the misery, and never allowed any of the family to go and visit the place.

As far as I know, granny and my mum kept the promise and of course, I had never been there - the house was destroyed anyway by Soviets.But during the WWII my grand grandmother was still in charge so my mother had so many memories to tell about her childhood there.Both - my grand grandmother and my grandmother were into fancywork as well as in serious crafts... During WWII my mum was wearing wooden clogs, made by her granny.

bottom side

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