Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Cheap and proud of it

It's cold and raining outside so a perfect day for shopping. I needed batting for upcoming blanket, and some dark material for the back. For materials I usually go to nearest factory (just 10 min. from my home ) as there are good quality cotton leftovers for cheapest prices (they mostly produce materials for some quite well known Swedish textile companies).

Today was my lucky day.

First of all, there was thick, black cotton waiting for me, a tad bit over 10 m, 1.5 m wide, the whole for 12 euros. Done. Cheap, just over 1 euro per m, exactly what I expected.

Then, if you are really lucky, there are some leftovers, tied in bundle, for ravishing 14 cents per kilo. 

Like this one.

I do not know how much you pay for your materials, but for me 14 cents per kilo, cotton sateen, is dead cheap.

So, if you are really lucky like myself today, you can arrive there just at the right moment when new leftovers from factory come into their shop (trust me, for 14 cents per kilo they do not sit on shelves for long!). Today I arrived at the right moment to pick up over 12 kilos (!!!!) of cotton material. The material is cut in perfect stripes, each one is exactly 34 cm wide and 3.5 m long.

Can you see this turned into a quilt?

To be honest, design of the material was not exactly what I would picked at the shop especially because this material costs nearly 10 euros per m there. But for 14 cents per kilo - why not? I need quilting practise and this material and it's design will be just perfect to play with.

I looked at it in the factory shop and voila! - the idea for quest room makeover was born.

Now I just need to get a bit of light grey/ blue cotton for joining the stripes together and turning it all into blanket, sheets, curtains and pillowcases.

The whole makeover will cost me less than 10 euros, including threads and batting. I am proud to be cheap!

Now time to go back to sewing machine - the second block is waiting for me :)


  1. Hi Ann,
    I love your spirit and your blog. I love how you compare and contrast today's consumer tendencies to the more careful practices of previous times.
    I think it is courageous to blog in a foreign language and your English is quite good.

  2. Thank you, Ann! Yes, indeed, I do not like current economy driven by more and more consumption. Long time ago things were made to last - fridges and sewing machines, clothes and shoes. Today... You know all these "must have... " to feel good. Every clip in TV, every banner tries to convince us that buying and more buying will make us feel good.
    Well, not every recycled thing makes sense, but many does. And I do enjoy myself trying to live a bit more sensible, trying to do something right, at least a little bit. And have fun. Fun does not cost a lot. At least for me.