Friday, 11 May 2012

Starting a new patchwork quilt

You know the proverbs about idle hands and all that... As I got a spare week this month, I decided to start a new project - a patchwork quilt and matching curtains for my youngest daughter. As it's lilac time of the year, then it will be "Lilac" quilt.

My fav pattern for a fast quilt is the pinwheel.  It's fast, easy and looks well.

I do recycle. By principle. Especially with projects like this, it is silly to start with shopping right away - the whole idea pf a patchwork is recycling.

So I picked up several quite horrible cotton sateen leftovers, played with colours and I think I find quite bearable combination. 

The next thing is - the scheme. How many of each kind of blocks I need for this project.

According to my calculations, for my single bed blanket I will need 12 blocks of a full pinwheel (each of 4 square blocks),

20 single square blocks 

and 31 double blocks.

So far so good.

Then I needed the base material. For the quilt and for the curtains. And the trouble started. Went to the shop. The choice? Right colour?  Only light cotton available. Right material - sateen - completely wrong, heavy colours.

So... I went for the colour. Nice lilac colour. And now my big troubles have started - heavy sateen blocks to be joined with light single cotton.

Nobody is perfect! I'm not nobody, you know :D

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