Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Few of my favorite things... II

As my quilting ensemble is completed and my head has not settled on the next project, I can wonder around a bit, right into past...

When you are a child, you let your fantasies wonder around. I remember myself laying in bed and travelling into two wonderful old pots on the shelf. One was Japanese Cloisonne vase,  probably Meiji Period, and another was a well used  Japanese teapot.

Both of them were like a door to a fairy tale to be told, so I was telling myself these bedtime stories loud, one after another, making my parents worry about my mental health. Maybe I was just supposed to become a writer? :D

The birdie in the blue sky of  the apple garden... and especially the teapot . One side of it shows girls at school, other side - boys. I had names for each one (no, they were not Bill and Ben) and I was wondering what their schools are alike...

When I went to my school,  all was over - school was a big disappointment right away from the doorstep so I turned myself off the teapot children - no point thinking of others suffering the same boredom as I must to. :D I simply started to draw to kill the boredom and did it through the whole school... as a result I had one way out - to art college. But that's another story...

Part I here

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