Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Quilt completed!

Yes, today I completed the quilt. Now it is out of washing machine and hanging on line. So tomorrow I will hopefully start the matching pillow and then - curtains.

While I have nothing to show (washing lines are not the most exciting thing to take pictures, especially when it rains) I will share some older things.

This is my first attempt to knit the seamless Icelandic yoke  sweater. 

I had no patterns or description so I just looked at pictures, scratched my head, picked the thick wool and tried- it's not a quantum physics. 

In general there are two ways of knitting them - up, or down from the neckline. Personally I like more knitting up. First thing I do knit both arms on round needles up to armpits, then the body up to armpits, then join it all together and gradually reach the neckline. 

With my first there was a problem - armpits were not neat and tidy, they had uneven loops at the joint. So actually it is some kind of quantum physics after all! 

Nothing drastic but I prefer to do things right. After quite a lot of asking and searching on Internet I did find the answer - the gap. When joining all together, there must be left several loops unjointed both sides - arm and body, which must be sewn together later. 

So actually  there is a small seam even in the seamless jumper :) 

When finished the first one, I wanted to make another one, now with the right joints, and I went for a dress. 

So quite matching pair - like his and hers :D 

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