Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Love and hate

Yes, that's right! I love it and I hate it! Quilting is  boring !

I truly love to create the design, then cutting and putting pieces together. So when the top layer is finished, that's it - for me the job is done. The last stages of putting it all together, stitching and quilting ... necessity... but not for me.

I hope to complete the whole today - my arms are aching, my shoulders are aching, my back is aching and most of all - my brain is aching! :D

I adore beautiful work of others - you know all these pretty fancy quilting patterns looking fantastic. It just not for me.

So what I do?
Rough free motion rubbish. Hoping that nobody will ask me to expose the backside of the quilt. :D

How you can love half of the job and hate the other?

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