Monday, 21 May 2012

Few of my favorite things... I

I like antique. I did like them as a child and was growing up surrounded by them. I did love the smell of an old book, glitter of china and all the mysteries about the items - some had full history, some needed a story to make. Do not get me wrong, I like modern things, but it's great feeling, for example, using my granny's Singer  which was bought for her wedding on 1907. Material value of such things do not bother me. My favorite things has no high market value and impressive price tags. They simply are priceless for me.

Few years ago I become a proud owner of this little bag which belonged to my grand grandaunt. It's in mint condition outside and inside, with so many little precious details, and the sateen inside...

Metal parts are plated silver but it does not matter because I simply love this little handbag - as a handbag and as a memory holder.

I remember visiting grand grandaunt as a little child and all I remember - she had an impressive china stand where behind the glass were china figurines. When she passed away, I got two of my favourite... a squirrel and a hippo. When you are five, squirrel is much more interesting than a handbag.

Now, when I look at this handbag, I always try to imagine my grand grandaunt... what she was wearing with it... Where she was taking it - knowing her, it was Opera for sure... But where else?

When I was 17, her daughter gave me pair of new, shiny shoes... From 1920's. Now I regret it so much because I did wore them until they completely gave up just in few months - such leather does age fast.

She was quite a lady - her husband was famous violinist, her brother - publisher and writer, and she had travelled a lot around Europe between the wars. Her last years were not so happy but she still had a lot of interesting peoples around, helping her ignore the reality.

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