Sunday, 13 May 2012

The Wolfie

When young ladies do have special needs, they simply do.

Two months ago my 9 yo girl  announced that she needs a wolf. A wolf cub actually. And it was very SPECIAL, she needed it to be made by myself. A bit of a Voodoo thing, I would say. She even donated one of her faux fur collars for it.

 I looked at Internet. Did not find anything suitable (thousands of teddy Bear designs and patterns, but no wolves).

 So I looked at pieces of materials I had, scratched my head and made some approx design. I even made rough pattern on paper.

And then 2 days of sewing by hand, and voila! Here it is, our little Wolfie! :)
(Must admit it was well worth the job - Wolfie is resting his head on young lady's pillow every night since then.

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