Friday, 11 May 2012

My second one

Well, the new quilt I recently started will be my third quilt ever. I have no pictures of the first one, but the second one I made last summer (seems like quilting urge for me comes as a spring fewer because the knitting bug hits me hard every autumn ).

It was made out of old shirts I had bags full off, and one curtain. Even the filling was from an old cheap blanket.So fully and completely recycled one.

I wanted the quilt to be as random as possible, so I avoided any patterns - cut the pieces 4 " wide, sew them together in a long strip and sew it all together, starting from centre. It took nearly a month to complete it (I love putting bits and pieces together, but hate the final stage putting it all together in one finished piece. Size matters as well, as this one is 8X8 ft to fit on a really big bed, so it was a big job, demanding a lot of space). But all in all, I enjoy the crazy pattern.

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