Saturday, 19 May 2012

Pillow completed

Here it comes - pillowcase has been completed! Determination rulzzzz! This is the front bit.
This the back of the pillow. I tried out a bit of creative freehand quilting and I'm quite happy about the outcome. Defects look like effects for me - the lilac material really was too thin and soft in comparison with the top sateen.

And this  - pillowcase inside out  on the other side of the quilt. So yes, I can use it as I like for the moment - matching, but completely different feel for the set. And the best - the inside looks as the top side so one way or another - this will be usable as I wanted it to be.

That's about it all today. Tomorrow is for the curtains.

It would be nice to post something clever and remarkable but I'm too tired. After I finished with the pillow, I went to Zoo with  my youngest and spent 5 hours there. I do not feel very clever after that. It's beautiful night outside, windows wide open, and upstairs neighbour playing guitar on the balcony.
Life can be good, isn't it?

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