Friday, 25 May 2012

Work in progress

My new project has started well. Today I made about 160 m out of 250 m I need in total to start with, according to my estimations (hope they are right). When I finished sewing what I had already cut, I realised that I'm a bit too short. What a scrap girl like me does? Runs out to the nearest charity shop. I like buying men's shirts for my projects - good quality cotton and quite a lot of material for 25 cents. I was lucky - I found two pyjamas - one GrigioPerla, other - Novila. So for 1 EUR I got plenty of nice material to cut into my stripes.

What to share tonight? Few things which explains why I like recycling.

I hate things being made just for one season, and some are even  never worn at all when they leave to the bin. OK, nowdays things seem to appear effortless, but when you look at old things and think about how much time and efforts were put in them you learn to respect them.
I have quite a nice collection of old linen. I like them and I keep them even if they are not for everyday use (at least some of them). I have some of my grand grandmother's nurse aprons from WW I as well as some fancy ones like this - I try to wash it gently and iron carefully as it is so thin and nice to put on at least when preparing Christmas meal. :D

Then there are old handmade linen towels. I mean handmade the whole - from raising and harvesting the plant until sewing the final stiches.

By the edge you can see that it has been hand woven. To use it gives me feeling like all my grannies are still looking after me, even the one who died loong before my birth - in 1932.

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